"Festival of youth subcultures"

Внеаудиторное мероприятие по английскому языку "Festival of youth subcultures"

Олимпиады: Английский язык 2 - 11 классы

Содержимое разработки

Внеаудиторное мероприятие по предмету «Английский язык»

на тему «Festival of youth subcultures»

Составитель: преподаватель иностранных языков

Наумкина Инна Николаевна


Тема: “Festival of youth subcultures”

Форма: КВН.

Цель мероприятия: выявить личностное отношение, принадлежность студентов к современным молодёжным субкультурам, выяснить причины возникновения массовых уходов в субкультуры и необходимость тех или иных направлений. Развитие социальной и гражданской ориентации студентов.


  1. воспитательные:

  • воспитание толерантного отношения к чужому мнению, чужой культуре;

  • способствование более глубокому осознанию своей культуры;

  • воспитание чувства сопричастности к мировой культуре

2) развивающие:

  • развитие мышления, памяти, воображения, внимания, логики, цельности высказывания;

  • развитие умения работать с информацией;

  • развитие языковой догадки

  1. практические:

  • актуализация лексических навыков;

  • совершенствование фонетических навыков;

  • развитие устной и письменной речи;

  • совершенствование навыков чтения

  1. образовательные:

  • расширение кругозора учащихся;

  • повышение мотивации изучения английского языка;

  • увеличение объёма знаний об особенностях различных субкультур

Методы: соревнование, беседа.

Оборудование: проектор; презентация, информационные материалы, связанные с темой (рисунки, наглядные фотоматериалы, иллюстрирующие каждую из предложенных молодёжных субкультур).


1.Подготовительный этап.

2.Организационный момент.

3. Фонетическая зарядка.

4. Речевая разминка.

5. Выполнение конкурсных заданий:

1-ый этап «Introduction of the teams».

2-ой этап «How can you define a subculture»?

3-ий этап «Kinds of subculture».

4-ый этап «Who is who»?

5-ый этап «Subcultural crossword».

6. Формулирование выводов.

7. Подведение итогов.

Ход мероприятия.

  1. Подготовительный этап.

1. Подобрать материалы для урока (конкурсные задания, презентация).

2. Разделить группу на 2 команды, каждая команда выбирает капитана, придумывает название несуществующей субкультуры и эмблему.

3. Команды подготавливают описание своей субкультуры (внешность, чем занимаются, какую музыку слушают).

II. Организационный момент.

- Good morning, girls and boys! I am glad to see you. I hope you are fine today. Are you ready to start? Today we’ll have a talk about youth subcultures. (Слайд 1)

III. Фонетическая зарядка.

-During our lesson we’ll use special words and expressions. Let’s read and translate them. (Слайд 2)

-Good. And now read the words altogether without me.

-Very well.

IV. Речевая разминка.

- Now I want you to answer the question „How can teens express their individuality”? using the following patterns: “Teens can express their personality in…”, “Teens can express their personality doing smth.” (Слайд 3)

- You are right. And let’s see other ways of expressing their individuality.

(Слайд 4)

V. Выполнение конкурсных заданий:

1-ый этап «Introduction of the teams».

-Now we pass to the main part of our lesson, competition. We have 2 teams which will compete in different tasks. For each task the team will get points and at the end we’ll know who will be the best one. Let’s start.

-Each team has a name, an emblem and a short description. Dear, captains, come to the blackboard, introduce your team, tell about yourselves and show us your emblem.

-Good. Each team has its own individuality and gets one point. Let’s continue.

2-oй этап « How can you define a subculture »?

-The next task is to define the word subculture using the following expressions. (Слайд 5)

-The team which will do it better will get one point. You have one minute to discuss it, start please.

-Your time is over. Let’s listen to your variants.

-One point gets the team … And let’s read one more definition of this word. (Слайд 6)

3-ий этап «Kinds of subculture».

-As you know there is a great variety of subcultures. I’ll give you three minutes to write down as many of them as you remember. The team which will have more variants will get one point. Ready, steady, go.

-Stop writing, please. Read your variants.

-One point gets the team …Let’s see other kinds of subculture. (Слайд 7)

4-ый этап «Who is who»?

-Each subculture has its own features, style and hobbies. Now you’ll try to guess the name of subculture by its description. The team which will do will get one point. You have three minutes. Let’s start.

  1. They are the ‘wizards’ of the computer community; people with a deep understanding of how their computers work, and can do things with them that seem ‘medical’. They do not protest against their parents. 

  2. A young person who wears leather jacket, army boots and a cowboy hat just to show off. He is associated with something rebellious. 

  3. A young person who dresses in a shocking way to express his or her identity. He or she has brightly coloured hair and wears metal chains. The person is thought to rebel against the society. The music is aggressive. They reject everything. 

  4. There are the folks who use computer – made, synthesized music, and drugs to create massive all-night dance parties in empty warehouses. They like to be in a collective. They want to try out all sort of options and are thought to be violent. 

  5. The members of this subculture wear the blackest black, with a lot of silver jewellery and have very black hair and look as this and pale as possible. The members gather together to read Bram Stoker and talk about being vampires, and about the end of the world. 

  6. There people developed their own style distinct from others. A person has college-style hair, a neat white shirt, a short jacket, or a short blazer jacket, and narrow trousers. The clothes are Italian by choice. Pale face, plenty of make-up. Scooters are the preferred means of transportation. He or she prefer soul music. 

  7. They support a liberal attitude and lifestyle. Their behaviour and attitudes differ from social norms. They always want to change the world for the best. They are thought to use psychedelic drugs and listen to Rock ‘n’ Roll.

  8. The young people of this subculture have no or very short hair. They are uninterested in traditional politics. The majority of them are working class and football fans. They are regarded as violent and aggressive.

-Your time is over let’s check. (Слайд 8-15)

-One point gets team …

5-ый этап «Subcultural crossword».

-Now I’ll give you the lists with the crossword puzzle. If you’ll do it right you’ll learn the subculture American ex-president Bill Clinton belonged to in his youth.

-Let’s check.

-Well, one point gets team …

VI. Формулирование выводов.

-And at the end of our lesson we’ll read several opinions about subcultures.

1. Opinion about youth culture belonging to an elderly person. More violence, more vandalism exists than it did ten years ago. Many people say that their lives have been made miserable by young people out on the street late at night. Young people are more violent than ever. All those groups or subcultures are awful, because all of their members are violent. 

2. Opinion about youth culture belonging to a middle-aged person. Violence is the symptom of problems in the society. Some social and economic problems may give rise to youth violence. Teenagers don’t live in a desert. Home, school, and neighbourhoods are part of the individual environment. Crime for teens is an expression of their inability to join society. Teens don’t think much about their future life. They want to live now.

3. Opinion about youth culture belonging to a teenager. Subcultures are not as bad as they are thought to be. Teens want to show off. Subcultures are for teens. Then teenagers become good citizens. A subculture is a way of life. It is not a fan club; it is a real life for us. 

VII. Подведение итогов.

-Everybody worked hard and each team did its best, but the winner is…

-At home you are to write a short essay “A subculture I’d like to belong to” (10-12 sentences). (Слайд 16)

-Thank you for your work. Good-bye.

Использованная литература:

  1. Ресурсы Inthernet.

2.Левикова С. И. Молодежная субкультура: Учебное пособие. М.: ФАИР-ПРЕСС, 2004.

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5.Кузовлев В.П., Лапа Н.М., Перегудова Э.Ш. Английский язык, 10-11 класс, 2009.

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