«Зима 2023»

Шпаргалки по чтению для обучающихся начальной школы.

Шпаргалки по чтению будут хорошей подсказкой для отработки правил чтения в начальной школе.

Олимпиады: Английский язык 2 - 11 классы

Содержимое разработки


T he kite went higher and higher in the bright blue sky.


How would Brown work that

problem out?


B arbara is a beautiful blond with

bright blue eyes.


Rain, rain go to Spain!

Never come back again!

[ υ]

Don’t go home alone. Nobody knows how lonely the road is.


Fine fellows met at five on the first Friday of February.


H enry has a bad habit of being behind time.


Ickle-pickle, huckle-buckle,

Snuckle in my shoe.

M ickle-muckle,


Out go you!


Ned’s numerous neighbours are nice persons.


Your daughter is

fond of walking

on warm

autumn mornings.


D on’t poke your nose into things you don’t know.


Sue is sixteen this summer and Cecil as seventeen last Sunday.


If you ever ever ever meet a grizzly bear,

You should never never never

ask him where

He is going.

For if you ever ever dare

to stop a grizzly bear,

You will never meet another grizzly bear.


Whether the weather be fine

Whether the weather be not

Whether the weather be cold

Whether the weather be hot.

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